The innovative IQ-400 is amazingly quiet, and runs only when activated. This makes it ideal for office use. In addition, its heavy duty design makes it ideal for  demanding industrial and commercial operations. Fewer moving parts and a simple sealing head design assure ease of maintenance and low cost of operation. Two tension modes make the IQ-400 ideal for a wide variety of strapping applications.


The IQ-400TC has all of the features of the standard IQ-400, but adds steel shielding on three sides for increased strength. This machine can be modified to be powered by a 12 volt storage battery, for use in areas where commercial power is not available.


The IQ-400SUS has all of the features of the standard IQ-400, in a stainless steel cabinet. It is recommended for locations where moisture is present, or for pharmaceutical and clean-room applications.


The IQ-400LB has all of the features of the standard IQ-400, in a design that can accommodate tall packages or items that are very heavy, such as pool liners.

D-53PLT2, Portable Pallet Strapper

The D-53PLT2 is designed to economically and quickly strap a variety of pallets, using polypropylene strapping up to 450 pounds in breaking strength. The D-53PLT2 can cut the time it takes to strap pallets by up to 2/3, when compared to using hand tools. Its simple operation entails pushing the track through the pallet void, pressing a button to feed the strap, then inserting the tip of the strap into the machine. Within 2 seconds the strap operation is completed. The D-53PLT2’s unique design enables it to strap pallets less than 15” high. The strap track is retractable by using a hand-crank. The track height can be set to a high or low position, to accommodate the type of the pallet or size of its void. To insert edge protection, there is a manual strap reversing mode.

The D-53PLT2 is available in two models – one using a 110 volt power cord and another powered by a rechargeable 12 volt battery.


D-53M2 employs the same strapping head design as the top-of-the-line D-53X2. However, the internal components are made of stainless steel, brass, and steel with a rust resistant coating, and are positioned vertically. The body is primarily constructed from stainless steel. The strapping dispenser is located on top of the machine for protection from wet environments. The D-53M2 is the perfect machine for moderate volume, or off line, applications in the meat, poultry, and seafood industries.


The AQ-7PLT is a heavy-duty semi-automatic pallet strapping machine for use with polyester strapping. Polyester is a stronger material than polypropylene, and ideal for heavy loads. Polypropylene strap can also be used without changing any parts. The sealing point is only 12 ¾” from the floor, so even low pallets can be strapped. Tension can be adjusted up to 155 lbs. The dispenser takes standard 16 x 6 coils. Heavy-duty metal casters allow the AQ-7PLT to be quickly moved and installed in a new location. It plugs into any standard 120 VAC outlet. The strap feeding bayonet folds up for easy and safe storage.


The D-53HE2 is designed to apply horizontal straps to palletized goods and Gaylord boxes where automated equipment is too expensive, and hand tools or buckles are too time-consuming and cumbersome. The strapping height is quickly adjusted through the counterbalanced sealing mechanism that moves smoothly and effortlessly to the desired strap location. The innovative pendant switch allows operation of the machine from either side of the load while enabling the operator to control the feeding, tensioning, and sealing of the strap with one hand. Operator control makes positioning of the strap and/or the placement of corner protection an easy task. The D-53HE2 is an ergonomic and inexpensive solution to the labor intensive placement of horizontal straps. A battery operated version is available.


The D-53RS is a side-seal version of the D-53 especially designed to strap donut-shaped bundles such as tires, wires, tubes and hoses. The two supporting bars rotate, making it easy to position the bundle with little effort. The strap feeding buttons are located on the both sides of the machine to enable easy operation from either side.

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