Orbital Wrappers

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Protect your products from damage, secure bundles, stabilize fragile, heavy or irregular-shaped shipments and save on packaging materials with the versatile Felins orbital wrapper.

Perfect for many product applications including:

  • Wood and lumber
  • Printing, paper & graphics
  • Manufacturing
  • Consumer goods
  • Just about any product you need to secure or bundle together
Encore EP-6700 Ring Wrapper

Encore EP-6700 Ring Wrapper

  • Economically priced
  • Made in USA for quality and reliability
  • Uses 3" and 5" bundling film
  • Two film mandrels for twice the wrap speed
  • Manual film tension control
  • Wraps products up to 12" wide by 12" high
  • Foot pedal operated
  • Ring speed 66 rpm
  • Available with flat or V-shaped conveyor
  • Stand with conveyor sold separately
Felins XL-110 Orbital Wrapper

Felins XL-110

  • Made in America for quality and reliability
  • Unique heat seal system minimizes material use to lower your costs
  • Easy setup with low maintenance requirements
  • Available in multiple sizes to fit your needs
  • Adjust tension and number of wraps
  • Automated features and customization options
  • Positive heat seal keeps bands from unraveling
Felins XL-36 Orbital Wrapper

Felins XL-36

  • All of the features of the XL-110
  • 36" wide opening for large objects
Robopac Compacta Series Orbital Wrapper

Robopac Compacta Series

  • Safe and simple operation
  • Foot pedal cycle start
  • Pneumatic cut and clamp system
  • Can be set for total spiral wrap, or for 3, 4 or 5 individual bands
  • Continuous wrapping by foot control
  • Adjustable film tension
  • Manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic models are available
  • A special tire wrapping machine is also available
  • Film width: 2", 3", 4", 5"
  • Models are vailable in a number of ring sizes
TAB Tornado

TAB Tornado - Orbital Wrapper for Pallets and Large Items

The TAB Tornado secures over-sized, oddly shaped, palletized loads while the pallet is moved in and out by means of a forklift. It is available in three sizes to accommodate 24x24, 48x48 and 60x60 loads. The Tornado can be upgraded to automatically attach and cut the film, so the driver never needs to leave the forklift.

TAB Perfect Storm

TAB Perfect Storm - Fully Automated Orbital Wrapping System for Palletized Items

Fully automated TAB Perfect Storm orbital wrappers are offered with a variety of of automation accessories that enable non-stop, automatic operation with minimal operator involvement.

Is an orbital wrapper right for your application? The experts at Interpack Systems can help you decide.

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