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Whether you need strapping to secure your products on the pallet, protect items during shipping or to bundle products together, Interpack Systems carries a wide variety of strapping materials for your needs.

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Steel Strapping

Steel strapping is recommended where high strength is necessary, low elongation is important, or where the product is extremely sharp or hot.

All of our steel strapping is prime material, made in the USA or Canada by two major mills: Acme Packaging and Samuel Strapping. This material is made to machine-grade specifications, and is painted and waxed to insure that it will resist rusting and draw up tightly around your products.

We stock all commercial sizes.

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Polypropylene Strapping

An economical strapping material used for light to medium duty unitizing, bundling, palletizing and carton reinforcement. Our machine grade polypropylene strapping is the finest available, and is engineered to provide unsurpassed operation in automatic strapping equipment.

We stock commercial sizes in both hand and machine grade.

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Polyester Strapping

Polyester strapping is an extruded non-metallic material mainly used for heavy duty applications such as palletizing and bundling. It is often used as a substitute for steel strapping in many applications due to its lower cost.

We stock most commercial sizes.

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Nylon Strapping

High recovery nylon is regarded by many as the premium nonmetallic strap. When applied to a pallet load, the strapping is elongated approximately 7% and it retains this extra tension over time. If the load shrinks or shifts during transit, the strapping shrinks along with the product to maintain a tight grip on load. If the load is dropped, momentary elongation will occur to reduce strap breakage. Nylon has the best impact strength and abrasion resistance of any other non-metallic strapping product.

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Textile Strapping (GATORStrap)

Heavy duty, weather resistant, woven polyester strapping. Ideal for wood products where high tension is desired and outdoor storage may cause steel strapping to rust. Soft and flexible, GATORStrap will not damage painted surfaces. Lightweight and easy to use, it has no sharp edges and can be easily disposed of.

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Composite Strapping (MAKOStrap)

A composite material consisting of strands of high tensile polyester yarn encased in a weatherproof coating of polypropylene. It is stiff enough to push through pallet voids, but will not damage your products. It is shock absorbent and retains tension while products are being transported. Its smooth edges make it safe for anyone handling it.

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