MUL-320, Tensioner, 3/4″

The MUL-320 is an advanced PET/PP tensioner for heavy duty applications. The patented gripping mechanism grips and releases strap with a vertical motion, providing increased holding power and reduced wear. The patented tension drum aligns automatically for easy strap threading

MUL-330 Offset Sealer, 5/8″

The MUL-330 is an advanced patented PET sealer for heavy duty applications. The staggered, symmetrical jaws eliminate the need to orient the tool on the non-symmetrical, Orgapack-type, seal. Unique jaw design allows minimal clearance between seal and package surface.

MUL-331, Heavy Duty Sealer, 1/2″

The MUL-331 has the same patented jaw design as the MUL-330, but accommodates the ½” Orgapack-type seal.

MUL-370, Heavy Duty Wide Strapping Tensioner, 1-1/4″

Advanced, patented design with superior performance in the heaviest PET applications for strapping up to 1-1/4″ (32mm). All steel construction minimizes damage from accidental drops. Best tensioning performance available on the market! Patented vertical gripper motion allows for easy strap release and greater holding power. High quality casting ensures enhanced durability.

MUL-381, Heavy Duty Side Sealer, 3/4″

Heavy Duty Sealer for ¾” PET Strapping. Uniquely adjustable for strap thicknesses of
.040”, .050” or .060”.

EP-1185, Premium Poly Pusher Tensioner, 1/2″-3/4″

Unique design for use with round or irregular bundles.
Use with ½”, ⅝” or ¾” serrated closed seals.

EP-1225, Premium Front Action Sealer, 1/2″, 5/8″, 3/4″

Front action sealer for polypropylene strapping widths of ½”, ⅝” or ¾”. Specify strap width with order.

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