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Whether you're securing product to the pallet, bundling materials like magazines or mail trays or adding an extra layer of protection to your products, our line of strapping machines can make your job easier, more efficient and cost-effective.

At Interpack Systems we specialize in top-quality automatic and semi-automatic strapping machines from Strapack, recognized for their reliability and durability. We've been a master distributor for Strapack since 1992 and even carry parts for all current strapping machine models, as well as parts for several machines which are no longer being manufactured.

StraPack offers more than fifty different strapping machine models. Our team of experts can help you find the strapping machine to suit your specific application and budget!

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Strapping Machines

Strapping Machine Models:

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  • Strapack RQ-8CR FR
  • Strapack RQ-8YAO
  • Strapack AQ7
  • Strapack JK-5000
  • Strapack RQ-8A
  • Strapack RQ-8IR2
  • Strapack RQ8X
  • Strapack RQ-8Y
  • Strapack RQ-7000M


  • Strapack D53M2
  • Strapack D-53PLT
  • Strapack D-53RS
  • Strapack i10
  • Strapack JK2
  • Strapack JK-2P

Need strapping materials for your machine? Interpack Systems also carries a full line of strapping materials from steel strapping to machine grade polypropylene strapping and more.