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Interpack Systems, along with Teknika USA, is a principal sales agent for Teknika’s line of strapping tools. We supply Teknika tools for distributors, as well as for end users.


Teknika is a european manufacturer of low-cost, high-quality industrial grade strapping tools.


Teknika was founded in 1988 in Kharkiv, Ukraine, shortly after the collapse of the Soviet Union made private enterprise possible. It was formed by a group of highly talented and motivated engineers from the Soviet defense industry.


Teknika entered the strapping tool market in 1989 by patenting the MUL-2, their first sealless combination tool for steel strapping. In 1991, the MUL-2 was replaced by its successor, the MUL-4, which embodied Teknika's latest engineering ideas. In 1994, Teknika USA, Inc. was incorporated in the U. S., with headquarters in San Jose, California. Teknika's experience with the demands of the U. S. market led to the development of the MUL-16 and MUL-20 sealless strapping tools. These tools excel in reliability and function.


Since 1989, the design team at Teknika has developed seventeen different strapping tools, many of which have been awarded US and international patents.


Distributors Wanted:

Contact Interpack Systems, Inc. for more information on becoming a distributor for Teknika strapping tools.







Economical industrial grade sealless stapping tool for standard duty strapping sizes from 1/2" x .015" to 3/4" x .023".


Low cost upgraded sealless strapping tool for HIGH TENSILE or standard duty strapping from 1/2" x 0.17" to 3/4" x .025".


Patented tensioner for polypropylene or polyester strapping up to 5/8" x 0.35".


Patented sealer for 5/8" polyester strapping.

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