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Cousins Packaging was founded in 1990 to develop a market for a stretch wrapper
that is:

    *  affordable
    *  well constructed
    *  user friendly
    *  easily maintained
    *  assembled with common parts available locally

Cousins achieved and surpassed these goals with the model 2100.

The wide market acceptance of the 2100 Series gave Cousins both name recognition and the financial success which allowed them to begin broadening and improving their product line.

Today, Cousins Packaging is a full line manufacturer of stretch wrap equipment, from the entry-level "Pup" to fully automatic systems. Cousins Packaging has earned a premier reputation for product quality and customer care.
Cousins 2100-SRT Economy

The Cousins 2100-SRT represents the best value in mid-range pallet wrapping. Affordable and simple to operate, this heavy-duty low-profile machine has more features than any other pallet wrapper in its price range.

The patented Super Rapid Thread II powered pre-stretch film carriage maximizes film yield by eliminating film slippage between the pre-stretch rollers.

Feature for feature, the 2100-SRT leads the field.


Cousins SWA “A-Arm” Automatic

The fully automatic model SWA allows the forklift operator to start the wrap cycle with a wireless remote, without moving from the lift. The patented “A-Arm” attaches the film at the top of the pallet and stabilizes the load by wrapping the top layers first.

The innovative A-Arm design results in a machine which costs far less than conventional automatic stretch wrappers.

Cousins Model LP550

THE "PUP" The LP550 is Cousins "entry level" stretch wrapper. This machine is designed to enable the user to move beyond wrapping by hand, without spending an arm and a leg.

The Cousins "Pup" can use hand wrap or machine wrap stretch film and can handle pallets weighing up to 3,000 pounds. It comes complete with a ramp, which allows the pallet to be loaded onto the turntable with either a pallet jack or a forklift.

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