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StraPack has been the innovative leader in strapping  equipment and machinery production since the development in the early 1960s. StraPack automatic strapping equipment and semiautomatic strapping machines are sold worldwide and are recognized for their reliability and durability.

Since 1992, we have been master distributors for Strapack strapping machines. We carry most parts for all current models, as well as parts for several machines which are no longer being manufactured.

Please call us at (800) 257-8400 for pricing on strapping machines and parts. When calling for parts, please provide the model and serial number of your strapping machine.

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 RQ-8 Standard Automatic Strapping Machine

The RQ-8 is the most dependable strapping machine yet developed. Its innovative design has been shown to be the most reliable general-purpose strapping machine on the market.

It features easy strap loading, auto re-feed and loop ejection, lubrication free operation and safe dual tensioning. The RQ-8 has the reputation of having the lowest maintenance costs of any strapping machine available.

A wide range of options is available to customize the RQ-8 strapping machines to meet the needs of your application.

Reliability, speed, ease of operation, innovative design, and low maintenance costs make the RQ-8 the most cost effective machine available today.
RQ-8A Fully Automated w/Conveyor Table Top
The RQ-8A is available in 2, 3, 4 and 6 tabletop belt configurations to match various package sizes.

The conveyor speed is variable, up to 29.4 m or 98 feet per minute on standard machines and as an option the speed can be increased to 40 m or 132 feet per minute. An inverter system makes it safe and easy to adjust the belt speed.

The standard RQ-8A allows selection of 0, 1 or 2 straps. Optional automation packages are available to provide a variety of automatic strap placements.

Self-correcting technology vital in fully automatic applications, such as three-time auto re-feed, loop ejection, the integrated, self-diagnostic monitoring system, is standard on all RQ-8A models.

When customer satisfaction depends on reliable operation and low maintenance, the RQ-8A is the perfect choice.

 AQ-7 Economical Standard

The AQ-7 is a budget version of the RQ-8 strapping machine with the ability to reliably run 5mm and 6mm strapping, assuring perfect strap placement and alignment.

Consistent tension is applied with a tension arm system. The AQ-7 features the same lubrication free operation as the RQ-8. Using cost efficient 3-phase power, the motors run only when necessary.

Capable of 27 straps per minute, the AQ-7 offers proven reliability and durability at an affordable price.
i-10 Economy Model 

The innovative i-10 is Strapack's latest and most modern semi-automatic strapping machine.

It is amazingly quiet, making it ideal for office use as well as for use in industrial and commercial facilities. Fewer moving parts and a simple sealing head design assure ease of maintenance and lower cost of operation. It is the new generation of StraPack semi automatic strapping machines.

 D53 LB Low Table

The D-53LB is a low table version of D-53. Safe operation
is assured as heavy parcels can be strapped easily while keeping lifting effort at a minimum.
JK-2 Standard
The innovative JK-2 is Strapack's latest and most modern semi-automatic strapping machine. Designed and manufactured based on customer needs and opinions expressed over Strapack's extensive history of manufacturing quality strapping machines, the JK-2 guarantees satisfaction in various types of applications.

JK-2's innovative new features include feed length memory, adjustable table height, easy strap width conversion, capability of soft tension and replacement parts free reel brake.

 JK-2P Pneumatic

 The innovative JK-2P is based in Strapack's latest and most modern semi-automatic strapping machine. Interpack has converted the standard, all-electric, JK-2 to operate on air pressure and electrical current from a 12 volt DC battery. The JK-2P is designed to be used in locations where 115 volt AC electric power is not available.

The JK-2P comes with the same features and reliability as the standard JK-2. It also carries the same six month parts and workmanship warranty.

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