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We offer a full range of pallet shrink wrap systems - from heat shrink hand guns to fully automated, operator-less equipment.
•    Weatherproof protection
•    Tamper resistance
•    Outdoor Storage
•    The ability to transport on an open flat  bed
•    Construction and work site protection



Ripack 3000 Heat Gun Kit 

Price $795.00

                     Ripack 3000 Heat Gun


Heat Gun Kit Includes:

1 Each - Ripack 3000 Heat Shrink Gun

1 Each - High Impact Carrying Case

1 Each - Securepack Variable Pressure Regulator with Safety Valve

1 Each - Wrench

 26 Feet - Propane Gas Hose with Swivel Connector


From gazebos to bridges, seasonal storage or cross country transport shrink, film will protect your product from the enviroment.

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